Tongue Thrust


Tongue thrusting is also called a reverse swallow or immature swallow. It is when the tongue protrudes through the front teeth during swallowing, speaking, and while the tongue is at rest 

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Mouth Breathing:

Tongue Thrust:

Thumb/finger sucking is a habit usually formed in childhood and can carry on into adulthood. It is usually stopped early on in life to prevent tooth misalignment, open bite and various other issues. Traditional appliances like the one pictured above are very uncomfortable!! OUCH would you want that in your mouth??

Thumb/finger sucking:

*Tongue thrust images courtesy of The Coulson Institute, Denver, CO. 

Children whose mouth breathing is untreated my develop long, narrow faces, narrow mouths, high palatal vaults, dental malocclusion (crooked teeth), gummy smiles and many other unattractive facial features.

Mouth breathers may be prone to:


-Sinus issues

-Sleep disturbances and poor sleep

-Bed Wetting

-Acid reflux


-Speech problems


-Inability to concentrate during the day