Use the checklist below to see if you OR your child does any of these things:

  • Does your child breathe through their mouth? 
  • When you child is concentrating on a task at home, are their lips apart?
  • When your child is eating do you hear or see them swallow?
  • Do you hear audible (Darth Vader) breathing throughout the day or at night?
  • Can you visually see your child breathing at rest?
  • Do you hear or see clenching/grinding of the teeth during the day or at night?
  • Is there an issue with waking up during the night?
  • Does your child snore at night?
  • Does your child frequently wet the bed?
  • Does your child complain of headaches, jaw, or neck pain?
  • Does your child suck his/her fingers or thumb?
  • Does your child have crooked teeth? Or small jaws?

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Treating crooked teeth is treating a SYMPTOM, I would like to help you find the root cause of this symptom

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