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Our therapy is non-invasive, uses no drug therapy or appliances.  Patients are given exercises that  take about 5 minutes 3 times a day. 

The Habit Elimination Program

This program is designed to help your child quit negative oral habits such as thumb/finger sucking, and nail biting in a positive and fun manner without the use of punitive habit appliances.
It typically consists of four appointments over three weeks with the majority of patients eliminating the habit in the first week.  
Therapy may begin with children as young as 4 years old. 
This program is designed to build confidence and self esteem and is extremely effective. 

Myofunctional Therapy

An in depth initial assessment is performed on the first visit to identify any Orofacial Myofunctional Disorder (OMD) that may exist, and determine an appropriate time to start therapy. 
Ideally, appointments are scheduled once a week for approximately 30 min. 

The length of therapy required varies from one individual to the next. The severity of the OMD and the willingness and compliance of the individual in the program all affect how long therapy will last. 

If the individual has a negative oral habit, the habit elimination program is completed prior to initiating the Myofunctional Program. 

Pre and Post Frenectomy Therapy

Diagnosis of a tongue tie and pre surgery therapy to help improve range of motion of the tongue to allow for a successful surgery and successful healing. 
After a frenectomy the tissue under the tongue can reattach if not stretched and exercised correctly. 
Exercises are given to promote tongue strength, mobility, and to establish a correct resting posture. 

Myofunctional therapy is like rehabilitation post surgery, after any other surgery in your body you would do rehabilitation therapy...why not do the same for your tongue?